Trash the dress ideas

“Trash it!” – Engagement photo shoot

“Trash the dress” is an American tradition that has been adopted by brides everywhere. But since we don’t settle for standard here, we wanted to find some inspiration. So Here is some unique  photos and ideas. From fights to splashing in the mud.

This type of photo shoot can be in various locations and in various forms.

For example: The sea – Just get mess / Romance / Sunset or turbulent.

Get Messy: You can get mess by roll in the dirt or at the ocean. When you can finally let go and destroy your gown, you might as well go all out…

Trash the dress

Have a good  fight:

Here some ideas, a good food fight; Paintball is a unique idea for fighters! Nope, we’re not joking. Water fight with water guns and more…

Trash the dress

Colorful Sparks: Grab a couple cans of paint, then instigate a paint fight with your partner. Just make sure you clean the area after taking the photos and not damage the environment (!)

Trash the dress

Other idea for a unique food fight – Smash the Cake: We finally found a solution for using up all those cake leftovers. Smash it. Then feel free to lick your fingers : – )

WINE: A bubbly dark red wine will serve in its place.. Pour a glass to your new coming marriage, and then pour it on yourself.

Trash the dress

ANIMALS:  Get mess with all kind of friendly animals, cows, horses, dogs, and more! have fun, be creative!

"trash the dress"

Our tip: You can allways take insparation from pinterest

Do you have any other unique  ideas? Any tips from your own “Trash the dress” photo-shoot? Send them to us via Facebook.



For example: Riding / Barn / Field / Wall graffiti or even in the garage.