Eden & Tomer – Wedding in Israel


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Wedding in Israel

Place : Mishmar ha shivha

Couple: Eden & Tomer

Wedding photography : WM photography

Dress: Berta (Ashdod)

Makeup: Berta Salon

Photoshot at : Ashdod, Dead sea, Israel

Eden & Tomer made an en engagement photoshot at the Dead sea.  and thire picture has won wedaward.com competition.

This picture was taken at the famous Dead Sea. Eden and Tomer decided to shoot a session during their engagement while I was having my vacation there. I just love capturing the love between 2 people.In this photo, I wanted to catch the unique colors, the quiet and the peace of the ocean in the background. I placed the couple in the center of the frame so that they were looking each other in the ..eyes and we didn’t need anymore than that. A special lookand a special view. Certainly worth the love.



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